Our “co-tenant”, Pancs-gasztroplacc and the mission for quality

There’s no point in denying how proud we are that when it comes to quality, Élesztőház is not a mere pub, but an uncompromising brasserie.

Sometimes chatter fills our spaces on a dim-lit Saturday night, and sometimes the whole unit changes its face. Where people were talking and having fun the night before, we find a farmers’ market the next day.

Farmers’ Market in the Élesztőház courtyard

VinoPiano, the former wine bar of Élesztőház might be familiar to those who have been visiting us for a long time. However, the head of the wine bar, Balázs Vajas is also the “founding father” of Pancs-gasztroplacc, and this exciting and exclusive Budapest farmers’ market takes over the Élesztőház courtyard every Sunday, until 2 PM.

“The idea of organizing a market has been in my mind for a while, and Élesztőház came in handy, yet again, with a perfect venue. The fact that this initiative was able to survive to this day (since 5 years!) is a result of a lot of hard work. In this, Élesztőház has always been and remains an enthusiastic supporter.” – Balázs recalls the beginnings, and then immediately introduces farmers and producers who fill Pancs-gasztroplaccwithcontent and goods – “Soon after the opening of VinoPiano a need arose to find suppliers that I would be happy to present and offer in the bar. It was important for me to procure products as efficiently as possible, and since few of our producers came to the capital regularly at the time, there was a demand for a downtown market.”

The mastermind behind the market defines it as a typical gastro-fair where customers walking between stands can find a wide variety of valuable goods, from basic food products to delicacies. Balázs also makes it clear that he is strict in the selection of market partners (not all of whom deal in food): “Value for money and sustainability are very important factors to us, so the producers have to go through a serious evaluation. Several craftsmen are also present; we have a brush maker, a florist and a ceramist.”

Élesztőház has been living in a mutually beneficial symbiosis with the VinoPiano bar for seven-, and with the Pancs-gasztroplacc for five years. We are fortunate to witness what happens when desire for community and value creation meets commitment to quality; and to see that beyond gastronomy, the themes of culture and lifestyle are not missing from Pancs either.

Eco-consciousness at the forefront

Pancs-gasztroplacc seeks to shape people’s perspectives and to employ sustainable innovations in its commercial processes. Balázs explained that they had hired an expert to consult suppliers and producers so that they bring their goods in a preferably unpackaged form, in an eco-conscious way. In addition, they intend to create sustainability through logistical fine-tuning and the possibility of redeemable goods. This is indeed the hallmark of ethical consumption.

Although the holidays are approaching and the end of the year is near, it is worth taking one Sunday morning to visit the Élesztőház courtyard this year. “There will be a fermentation workshop and, of course, cooking every week. The publisher of HVG arrives with a book fair, and Dávid Kárai will also present and sign his new book. From now on, we are in the mindset of slowing down and of tranquility. With a festive, advent theme, indeed.” Balázs summarized the theme for Sundays this year.

Fortunately, farmers’ markets have become more widespread throughout the country (as more and more people gain awareness how good it is for the community and the Earth to buy local products from local producers, instead of shopping in hypermarkets and large retailers). The popularity of Pancs-gasztroplacc proves that with a creative twist, a unique business policy and respect for nature, there will always be a demand for an exciting marketplace going beyond shopping, food and drinks.