Beers awaiting their “ready” labels in wine or whisky casks. Hop-combinations and fruit beer reimaginings, and alcohol volumes that can only be called reckless.

We picked six Hungarian craft beer specialties with unique concepts, made with the infinite creativity of Hungarian breweries that are able to make any night-out unforgettable.

Embark on a beer-a-palooza journey!

1. A Special Guest from Japan

Tokyo Lemonade

The Mad Scientist Brewery is famous for surprising their fans with something surprising every now and again. One of these creations is the Belgian Wheat Beer-infused Japanese citrus, the Yuzu. They named it: Tokyo Lemonade.

The lemon from Japan makes this one a truly sour and refreshing treat. No wonder you can find it in beverages from all-over the world. 

Tokyo Lemonade is like an express train to Tokyo: it’s always in time and leaves a fresh breeze in its wake. Or a windstorm!


Type: Belgian wheat beer

Alcohol Volume (ABV): 4.2%

On sale? Yes!

2. Beer and Wine? All the Time!

Hungarian Grape Ale 2020

Being conditioned against mixing beer and liqueur by a few popular aphorisms, it can be difficult to grasp how a Grape Ale can be a good idea…

Thankfully, the MONYO brewery team managed to topple the saying (superstition more like) with their beer series “Hungarian Terroir”.

Hungarian Grape Ale is inspired by the famous Hungarian wine region, Szekszárd. The beer is matured using pomace and grape must and has a bit of wine yeast smuggled in for good measure. The result? A beautifully sour, spring-tasting drink, a kind of fruity orgy if you will…


Type: Grape Ale

ABV: 4.8%

On sale? Yes!

3. Definitely Not for Rabbits

Punk Rabbit

This high ABV-bearing stout-specialty is the first fruit of the successful cooperation of Hara’ Punk and Fehér Nyúl breweries. The more than 11% of alcohol content is far from the only peculiarity of this punk: orange peel and cocoa beans are also added to the mix making this one duly deserving to be on our list of Hungarian beer specialties.

If you enjoy wilder, yet more bitter tastes, grab one of this beast of a beer from the brewery if you can’t find it on tap at Élesztő! And if you’re unsure of what a Stout beer mean exactly, this article has the answers!


Type: Russian Imperial Stout

ABV: 11.5%

For sale? Yes!

4. The Aristocrat Stuck in a Wine Barrel

Barrel-Aged Brett

Browsing through the selection of HopTop brewery it’s not unusual to find a few mind-boggling concepts executed with laser precision. The Wooden Cask Brett is aged in Tokaj Furmint wine barrels for a whole year. And its taste is another proof that mixing beer and liqueur is not always a bad idea.

Aside from the wild yeast, this beer is further enhanced by two types of hops, Magnum and Hallertau Mittelfurh to round up the intensity of flavors.


Type: top fermented beer specialty

ABV: 8.5%

For sale? Yes, in limited quantity

5. The History of Hungarian Language in One Beer

Baszjad izüt Grozdiskie

The name of this Reketye Brewery beer is something to behold in itself: literally meaning “F*ck Izü”. Just to clarify what this whole thing is about: Baszjad izüt was the words found in 2021 on an ancient relic that proved to be the oldest known Hungarian linguistic memory (by far). 

Although local language science is still up in arms over the finding (no surprises there) the Nagytarcsa-based Reketye brewery was quick on making a gag-beer about it that proved to be much more than just a joke.

Made from wheat malts Baszjad izüt is a dangerously smooth beer with low ABV, yet rich in hop content. Their two special additions used exclusively for this beer batch: plums from Budapest’s Csepel district and rigor


Type: wheat beer

ABV: 4%

For sale? Yes!

6. Call-up of the Bohemian Sailor


The final crazy beer on our list is deservedly the FIRST Dagon. An Imperial Stout aged in Rum casks for a whole year. By the end of the process sweet fruity and cocoa flavors dominate this wild stallion of a beer. Dagon is a high ABV, elegant dessert beer and the proper climax (and conclusion) of any late-night binge drinking or fancy dinner.


Type: Rum Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

ABV: 11%

For sale? Yes!

We hope our list managed to inspire you to dive into the realm of Hungarian craft beer specialties. If you’re up for an adventure, Élesztő is always a great place to start your journey. Just shoot the question behind the bar: which is your wildest beer tonight?

You won’t regret it…until morning